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NETIF Intro - Better Environment for Better Tourism

The desire to reinvigorate Nepal’s economy through tourism and sustain its lifeline – a pristine, vibrant natural environment – gave rise to Nepal Environment and Tourism Initiative Foundation (NETIF). NETIF is a non-profit, non political and non religious, national level organisation committed to environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable tourism development in Nepal.

Our members consist of tourism entrepreneurs from Kathmandu and Dhulikhel, professors from the Environment Faculty of Kathmandu University and social workers. One of NETIF’s objectives is to facilitate the transition of rural tourism sectors towards dynamic environmental considerations. Other main objectives are promoting sustainable tourism and environmental practices, providing a platform for the stakeholders of tourism industries and the local community.

Nepal Tourism, Outdoor Environment and Development (NTODEP) Project

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Nepal Environment and Tourism Initiative Foundation (NETIF)
P.O. Box 21632 Lazimpat, Kathmandu
Telephone: 977-1-4433151, Email:

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Center for sustainable Development Solutions
April 2014

This is the Final Evaluation Report of “Nepal Tourism, Outdoor and Environment Development Project (NTOEDP) implemented by Nepal Environment and Tourism Initiative Foundation (NETIF) with support of SOUMEN LATU,

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NETIF’s Agro tourism product - 2014 onwards ….
“PRAKRITI” “Hybung Agro Resort”

So far NETIF has been working and promoting environment friendly and socially responsible tourism since 6 years. After years of exploration, finally our vision for working together closely with local community has become a reality. Around 50 ropanies of land has been leased in Hybung village (near Shivapuri Nararjun National Park, Sundarijal) and development of “Hybung Agro Resort” is underway as a pilot project. We believe that our Agro-resort is one of the approaches in harmonizing community based tourism. We have named it PRAKRITI”.

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New Project    
Payment for Environmental Services (PES) Action Research Project

Payment for Environmental Services (PES) is a mechanism that has been tried and tested in many countries around the world, but for Nepal it is a totally new concept. As a general definition it is a form of sustainable financing for conservation, or in other words, a voluntary or mandatory-by-law practice for farmers or landowners to be paid or offered incentives to help protect the natural resources of their land or other ecological services. The PES scheme basically involves charging the beneficiary groups ‘downstream’ for the services received, and paying to the community groups ‘upstream’ to finance the conservation management of the area.

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